Is there something going on this weekend?

Oh yeah, that's!  While there's no doubt a lot of eyes will be on Tom Brady, we're more interested in your ears! We wanted to know: If you had your pick of musical acts--who would you pick to play the Half Time show?

JStew: Jokingly, on the air this morning, I said I'd love to see Slayer do a Super Bowl Half Time show. Sort of one of those serious/not serious statements. But, I guess, given the year that we've had, it would need to be someone that might inspire people a bit, and make them feel good about themselves. And while I'm pretty sure they've done it before, I think I might be inclined to go with the Rolling Stones. who doesn't love the Stones? Plus, how could you not be inspired by dudes their age, out there with the Jagger Swagger. It gives me hope to rock to a ripe old age.

Cori: I think it would be cool to see AC/DC and ZZ Top do a double billing of sorts. Like and A to Z of Rock Half Time Show. Both bands have such a vast library of iconic, rocking, anthemic songs. It would be amazing to hear them get the crowd all worked up. I also think, having seen the shows they put on, that Aerosmith would be great to have as a Half Time act. They'd rock it, too.

Here's who you said you wanted to see:

Steve I'd have the band that played for the first time after 9-11, when the Pats won the Superbowl...I'd have U2.

April Robshaw Mary J Blige.. Jennifer Lopez... Pink.. Kiss... Metallica.. Motley Crew.. Carrie Underwood.. Gwen Stefani, Jason Aldean ..
Michael Guyton KISS and STYX
Alton Morrill Stones
Brian Bartlett Will Haven
Chris Godsoe Honestly? I'd rather just get more (funny) commercials. They're usually better than the halftime performance.
Sheena Turner Def Leppard or Mötley Crüe (my favorite bands)
Rob Irwin Boston, without a doubt... Maybe Fleetwood Mac..... Maybe The Hooters.
Cheryl McManus Nickelback and Billy Squire
Kari Jo Davis Ok, going out on a limb, I think  Kenny Chesney
would put on the best half time show. That man is a performer.  You know, an Epic show would be, Phil Collins vs. Don Henley on the drums.
Bob from Garland Sammy Hagar with a tribute to Van Halen
Dennis Bean AC/DC. Them with...METALLICA! Id buy tickets just to go to halftime show!!!! Then go home!
Allen Esposito Elton John
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