With hot summer days quickly approaching, lovers of the Newbury Neck Road beach in Surry were horrified to recently discover that the parking area had been blocked.  What's up with that?

So before you get all upset and throw your swim suit into back into the closet with a vengeance, here's the gig.

The owner did not realize that he or she owned the small area of hard packed earth with an port-a-potty on it and signage designating it as a parking area.  When the owner did discover that they owned what is called "Carrying Place", they asked the town of Surry to cover the signs and block the area because of liability concerns.

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For years now people that have lived in the downeast area have enjoyed what once was a little-known rock covered beach nestled within a cove off Union River Bay.  As the years went by more and more discovered the hidden treasure on the Newbury Neck Road.  Now, it's not uncommon to find the beach at full capacity on a summer's day, and even with a parking area sometimes it was challenging to find a place for the car or truck, as parking on the beach side of the road is prohibited.


But the good news according to the Ellsworth American is that the current owner is now offering up the parking area at a well below market price to the town of Surry, and officials there are jumping right onto the task of buying it.

The town will hold a special meeting on Monday the 24th to find a way to come up with the $215,000, and have high hopes of having the parking area open again sometime this summer. They may even be able to improve the area in the long run.  We applaud everyone's effort.

In the meantime the beach is still open for public use, so dig that swim suit out of the closet.

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