Today, we were wondering about all things traffic on the Morning Show. What do you hate most about it? Is it the slow drivers? The fast ones? We wanted to grab your thoughts on this touchy subject.

JStew: Man...this is going to be tough for me, because I feel like a jerk in traffic most of the time. I can be a bit aggressive behind the wheel myself. I'm a wildly impatient person, and I hate being late. So I always feel like it's some Jason Bourne-style conspiracy to keep from getting where I'm trying to go. That causes me to constantly try to find routes with minimal stopping, and with the highest speed limit, hahaha. But... I'm not the type to tailgate, or weave in and out of traffic or anything like that. I'll wait my turn, whatever it is. I just may swear at the top of my lungs in my car while I do.

Cori: For the most part, I'm a pretty patient driver, and I give folks the benefit of the doubt that they're not actively TRYING to be jerks, they're just likely distracted. But I do get annoyed when drivers camp out in the passing lane and go way under the speed limit. I also have no idea why people don't seem to grasp the concept of pulling over to the other lane, if it's clear, when you they come to a place where traffic is trying to merge.

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Everyone has their pet peeve that borders on insanity when it comes to driving. Let's check out your traffic tales...

Greg Miller I could write a book on the things that irritate me when driving, but the three worst are tailgaters, people who don't yield when they're supposed to, and people who speed up after you've pulled out to pass them.

Mary Klein Drouin I hate driving period!! People suck. I hate people who drive in the passing lane, hold up progress and you have to pass them in the travel lane.
How about people coming on to the interstate and they floor it when they should be yielding!!!! I don't enjoy driving anymore. I'd love a chauffeur!
Elizabeth Leavitt I hate people who drive under the speed limit, can't stay in their own lane, people who don't use signals and go straight in the turning lane! I love my horn by the way!
Kelly Mahar People who tailgate are the WORST!!!
Snowman My answer to your question this morning is I hate people that think us that drive can stop on a dime and don’t give us the room.

snowman. Most drivers r num I saw someone driving with there dog in there lap It’s dangerous and also should be outlawed.
Trucker Buddy I drive a semi, and people don't realize it takes me 300 yards to stop at highway speed. A regular car stops in 40. They pull in ahead, not realizing that that space in front of a tractor trailer is there so we can stop.
Kim Damboise People who don't yield coming onto the interstate!!
Steve The people who want to stop the flow of traffic to let someone in from a side street!
Dennis People who don't pull over for Emergency Vehicles. They need to use their rearview mirror and be aware.
Bruce I wanted to chime in on the traffic subject. As an x masshole I totally disagree with you. Massachusetts drivers are the rudest. First thing I noticed when I moved up here is how polite the drivers are in Maine and they actually know how to drive. They don't do 50 miles an hour in the fast lane on the highway and refuse to move over. People will actually stop and let you out of a side street. You will never get that in Massachusetts.
Linda Memaw Boone I get agitated after a long workday and I am at the intersection to turn on my street and they block my street to just sit and wait for their light to turn green!! Grrrrrr
James Naaykens Jr Driving lights because there is always someone that doesn't turn on their lights when it gets dark. So their taillights are not on
Bobbie Lindsey Too many to count but a few are..... People who ride their brakes down a hill. People who are unable to maintain a steady speed and step on the gas and lift over and over. People who pull out in front of you only to go a few feet and turn onto another street.
Drill Rig Dude I drove a drill rig for 20 years, and the morons that think #1, that it moves like a Ferarri in traffic and/or stops like a dime....I'd usually let them get right in front of me and then yard right down on the air horn!
Fred Ashmore: People that don’t merge properly and drive up the side of the ditch to cut in line. Ohhhh another pet peeve!! People who don’t know how to proceed through 4 way stop signs


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