We were wondering on this fine Friday, if you could have an endless supply of one thing, other than money, because who wouldn't love more money, that'd be too easy. But if you had an endless supply of anything else, what would it be?

JStew: Boy...I feel like I have a lot of answers here. Just picking one thing when we ask these questions is often just too hard. And since money is off the table, I'm leaning towards practicality. For instance, if I can't have money, it might as well be something that sucks most of my money dry. So I would either love an endless supply of drumsticks, or cymbals. A pair of drumsticks doesn't have a very long life expectancy in my house, and cymbals rarely, if ever, see a first birthday. And the price of both those things has grown exponentially over the years, so eliminating those from my day to day expenses would be a godsend in the truest form. At least for this guy....

Cori: JStew is right, there are so many things I wish I had an endless supply of, but the one thing that tops that list, because it's so valuable but is also so fleeting usually...I'd choose time. I wish I had an endless supply of time. I usually zip through every day wishing I had more of it. There never seems to be enough time in a day. And it would be nice to experience how it felt to not be concerned with the constricts of time.

We thought your answers were supremely creative. Check them out...

Cheryl McManus Fabric, books and chocolate
Doug Springer Patience.
Paul Keezer Beer.....enough said....
Alfred Halloran Definitely beer
Anna Rae Dumond Wisdom.
Dawn Mason Tremblay Reeses peanut butter cups in the holiday versions!
Greg Miller Gasoline for all my vehicles.
Mary Klein Drouin Happiness
Darren To the answer of the question of the day one thing that I would have most of is moxie love it it’s a true Maine thing


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