For Throwback Thursday this week, we were wondering what your most prized/cherished/sentimental possession is....

JStew: Boy oh boy... I still have most of the parts from my first drum kit when I was 12. I'd been taking lessons before that, but for Christmas in 6th grade, Mom must've figured, for better or worse, this drumming thing wasn't going anywhere. But my first kit also belonged to my childhood drumming mentor, Warren Bishop. Sadly, I've lost some of the kit here and there, but I have some parts that are still functional, and those that aren't have slowly been repurposed into furniture or decorations. Those make me happy too. I can't play them, but I can still look at them and have fond memories.

Cori: Aside from a stuffed animal I had growing up, which is securely stored in plastic now, there are two items which have the most sentimental value in my life. The very first Mother's Day after my first child was born, my mom gave me a Mother's Necklace. Becoming a mom was the most meaningful moment in my life (my husband at the time totally forgot about Mother's Day and didn't mark the occasion at all) so when my mom gave it to me, it meant even more because it represented that someone acknowledged not only that I was a mom, but how important that was to me. I wear it proudly every day. The other item is also a Mother's Day gift that I gave to myself the year I got divorced. It's a Mother's Ring with the inscription Always, and the names and birthstones of all my kids on it. If you can't tell, aside from radio, being a mom is my favorite job ever. :)


All your answers were really sweet and heartfelt. Let's take a look at those too...

Kelly Mahar A small tote with my son's most prized possessions, he died 4 1/2 years
ago at age 17.
Scott Hanscom My dad's acoustic guitar. He passed away 35 years ago. I still play it to
this day
Jen Zimmerschied Old view masters
Mary Klein Drouin When I was pregnant, my husband bought me a mother and child pendant. I haven't taken it off in over 15 years.
Nancy Neu My cat i had growing up Amber
Sandra Lyn I have a bear I've slept with every night since I was 12yrs old and hes still with me at 44yrs old.
Dennis Bean My Medal of honor!!!
My captain and I received these in 2013 when we went into a burning home and searched for and found an unresponsive pulse not breathing...we had to crawl past the fire to find...grab and drag back past the fire to get him out side. He ended up in a coma for a bit over a month and he walked out of the Hospital after an extensive stay. THAT...IS WHY I LOVE GOING TO WORK!!!!

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