We posed this question on the I-95 Facebook page over the weekend, just to see how you guys might feel about this subject. When we asked you who the best lead singer was last week, you overwhelmingly chose Freddie Mercury. And this week, your passion showed through pretty much just as strongly, as you chose this guy:

Van Halen With Kool & The Gang In Concert
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And not by some small margin either. Haha. David Lee Roth took 20% of the over all vote, out of over a dozen people that split the rest of the votes pretty evenly. Michael Farrell, Elaina Hazelton, Nathan Orr, and Paul Moore all think Diamond Dave should pretty much just retire. Janis Joplin made a couple of appearances. No love for her from John Worden and Melissa Griffin.

Robert Turmel really gave Don Dokken a chance, but ultimately couldn't let it go. In fact, multiple chances as he mentioned seeing Dokken 4 times, and Don was really awful every time. Justin Bieber certainly deserves to be on this list too, so I have to fully agree with Ryan Brooks and Cheryl McManus.

Although, I did get a kick out of the fact that Sammy Hagar got only half as many votes as David Lee Roth, even though a lot of Van Halen fans view Sammy the Beatles fans view Yoko. So in just that comparison, it almost kind of settles the Van Halen frontman question. But that's for another matchup....

Other folks also had pretty strong feelings about Eddie Money, John Cougar Mellencamp Kid Rock, and Lou Reed. It's funny though, when you compare this list to last week's 'best' list...they're all huge, influential artists. They're undeniable, love them or hate them. That's what makes them all so great, either way.

Anyhow... Here were the Top 6, according to you guys. Of course you already know the #1 choice....

Top 6 Worst of all time according to Bangor!

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