Are there more, or less, fireworks since they became legal in Maine?

I was talking about this with my mom the other day. Since we have our camp, we're privy every year to several backyard fireworks displays. As long as I can remember, there would be at least three of four families on the lake that would seemingly set off rockets in the round. It was pretty fun when I was a kid.

I guess all that's really changed in my mind is the quality of the fireworks. The ones you can buy to set off out back these days, are pretty darn close to the large scale commercial ones you see in Bangor on the 4th. And when you get them going off in four different spots around you, it's pretty impressive. You know, if you're into fireworks.

If you are into fireworks, prepare to pay a whole lot more this year.

Like most things, suppliers in the midwest are already talking about the supply chain issues. Almost all these fireworks are coming from overseas, so what may have cost one price a few years ago, could be up to 8 times higher than it was previously, according to WGME.

Of course, add the ongoing inflation issue into the mix and it's the perfect storm for your fireworks to shoot up in price. One would imagine that would also be causing cities and towns the same issue when purchasing their large scale displays. I can't imagine how a town is going to budget for something that costs 8 times what it did before. We all may just have to settle for sparklers and firecrackers this year.


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