Don't believe everything you read on the internet?

I feel like that phrase needs to have a renaissance in our current world. Too many times, even by accident, we're led to believe things that just aren't true. How many times in the last several years have you seen weird posts online that would indicate Morgan Freeman died. Or that someone who's been dead for years, just died.

It's nuts. It's not like there's anyone or anything out there that fact checks everything you read out there. Some websites are just feeding you click bait to get you to click through, knowing full well that what you're clicking on isn't remotely true. It can be hard sometimes, to tell what's real and what isn't.

Some things just don't even sound believable, but...

What really kills me about the internet is that occasionally you read something that you know in your reasonable guts, just isn't true at all. Sometimes those headlines are so outrageous, that when you say it out loud, it just sounds downright stupid. Case in point... Some folks really believe Maine high schools are providing litter boxes to some students who identify as animals.

According to the BDN, Brewer Superintendent Gregg Palmer has literally had to refute these claims. He's had to follow up with folks who've actually contacted him about this. And he's responded that it's just across-the-board untrue. No student has ever used a little box in any Brewer school.

Where is the laugh emoji?!?

Seriously... I'm not shaming "furries", which are folks that identify as animals. Not in the least. You do you. But to think that they're out there anywhere in Maine or the rest of the country, demanding litter boxes, is kind of absurd. Just say it out loud and see if you can keep a straight face...

Again, if it's your thing, more power to you. But to keep this idea going forward that this is happening in our schools is just nuts. There are no litter boxes in Maine schools... At least not by the school's doing. But hey, we all need something to read online, right? True or untrue...


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