Maine is a big state.

I think it's a bit of a mystery to folks, as to how big Maine actually is. If you've ever had the joy of driving from one end of Maine to the other, it takes a minute. According to Google Maps, if you drove from Kittery to Fort Kent, it takes 5 hours and 45 minutes. Basically a whole day to go from bottom to top.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And really, you can do this on two roads. I-95 all the way to Houlton, and then rural highways from there. 360+ miles. Using Kittery as a starting point, think how many different trips you could take within the state of Maine, that would burn up 6 hours and 350+ miles. There have to be tons.

We have a lot of frikkin' roads in Maine.

We just took the idea of one long Maine drive, and managed to waste a whole day. We haven't accounted the east/west travel in state. Most people just think of Maine in north to south terms. But Maine is well over 200 miles wide at it's widest, so there's plenty of day trips hidden in there as well.

Driving At Sunset
Niccolo? Simoncini

Here in Maine, we have 46,736 miles of roads. That number seems oddly specific, but that doesn't really matter. As crazy a number as that sounds, Texas takes the cake with the most miles of roads in the US with nearly 700,000 miles of roads. Heck, I've traveled for two entire days and never left Texas. Maine is about 43rd in the country for roads.

How long would it take to drive them all?

Well, let's crunch a few numbers. There's 47,000 miles of roads. We'll give an average of 45mph across the board for travel speed... If you drive for 8 hours a day and stop to sleep and stuff, it will take you approximately 131 days to travel every road in Maine. If you were a super hero and could do it 24/7 non-stop... 43 days.

Two OClock
Lisa Quarfoth

I'm not sure why anyone would want to do this, besides the poor Google Maps drivers we see on the roads now and again. But otherwise, I'll probably just stick to the roads I know. But if you ever want the weirdest retirement road trip of a lifetime without leaving Maine, we got you.

There are so many, right here in Maine.

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