My first storm in Maine was Hurricane David.

When I was in kindergarten, I remember that one day they got us all dressed up early and were preparing to send us all home. I was pretty stoked. As far as I was concerned, it meant I had extra time to go home and watch TV. Daytime TV in the 70's, before cable, was a wasteland. But, it was still better than school.

On the bus ride home, my sister was telling me that it was tail-end of Hurricane David passing through the area. All the older kids on the bus seemed pretty fascinated by the weather outside. I was too young to really understand how hard the wind was blowing. By the time we got home, the power was out until the next day. But really, that whole story could describe almost any hurricane experience if you live in Maine.

Maine's coast might feel a bit on the windy side this weekend.

Hurricane Fiona just started really causing a mess way down south, but it's due to slam into Nova Scotia this weekend, according to WMTW. While it's going to be well off our coast, we're going to see some big oceans and potential for big winds along the downeast this weekend.

It doesn't seem like anything to be super alarmed about, but it could easily spoil your weekend plans. I imagine surfers will be ecstatic to have a chance to enjoy some larger waves.

Around here in the Bangor area, the forecast looks pretty normal. The National Weather Service is calling for sunny weather in the 60's this weekend. We'll see... maybe there will be a stiff breeze along with it. But keep your eyes peeled along the coast for sure.

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