This Friday marks the Third Annual I-95 CaPella-Thon for Camp CaPella!  Help us help these great kids go to camp this summer!

As you probably know, Camp CaPella is the wonderful summer camp for kids with physical and mental disabilities on Phillips Lake in Dedham. Every year these kids look forward to spending a week at the camp with friends that are JUST LIKE THEM.  It's a place where they can come out of their shell and enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, making arts and crafts, cook outs, and doing exciting summer things just like YOU do!

It's takes a lot of bucks to send a kid to this camp.  There's the regular bills of running a camp - stuff like taxes, food and electricity.  But these kids also require trained counselors and certain medical requirements.

It takes $1500 per week for a kid to attend this camp, and we'd like to collect enough to send THREE KIDS TO CAMP THIS SUMMER!

So, for a minimum donation of $10, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DONATE MORE, we'll play any song on the planet for you this Friday, the 23rd, between 6AM and 6PM! 

JUST CALL 991-9713, AND EITHER PAUL, AMANDA, DORIAN OR MYSELF WILL ANSWER AND TAKE YOUR REQUEST.  Then, you'll get to talk to a fine volunteer from Camp CaPella, who will tell you how to forward your donation!

Thank you for considering to do this!  We look forward to hearing from YOU!


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