Tonight’s mystery artists have one band member who is working on a solo project that he says will be mixed using reel to reel, on which he will be playing every instrument and that he has been releasing teases that are only a few seconds long.  Any idea who this artist is or the band he plays with??

Well let’s start by saying that he is immensely talented and comes by it quite naturally. He joined a classic rock band at the tender age of 15 and his name is Wolfgang Van Halen. Full of many surprises  he told Ultimate Classic Rock just recently about his solo project on which he will be playing guitars, drums, bass and keyboard as well as doing all the vocals. He released a 30 second sample included below. His dad describes the sound as AC/DC meet Van Halen and he add that it is so powerful he is jealous.  No prospective release date yet for the album.

Here is tonight's featured song.


Here is his preview:

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