Tonight’s mystery artists had a huge string of hits with two different lead singers what is sometimes forgotten is that in between the two was an extreme let down for their fans Think you know who they are or the singer that didn’t pan out??

Many of our beloved classic rock bands are forced by one thing or another to change up lead singers from time to time. When we look back at Van Halen III we can understand why now a days they suffer over who is the right fit for the band. During the time in between Sammy and Diamond Dave the Van Halen tapped former Extreme lead singer Gary Cherone to take the lead. Unfortunately he was a metal hair band dinosaur of sorts and after just one album with Van Halen their record company said you either lose him or us.  They chose him.

In retrospect Gary says he wishes they had toured first and then done an album. Instead he wrote a lot of the music for Van Halen III and fans said it didn't sound like Van Halen.

Here is tonight's featured song.


Think the record company was right?/

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