Tonight’s mystery artist had left his band behind only to rejoin a few years later. This was a tough decision since the band’s base had moved from Chicago to LA.  In the end he decided to make the move and on the way wrote one of their biggest hits.  Can you guess the band or the song?? 

This story was found on Songfacts. The band in question has really had a number of lead singer starting with Terry Luttrell.  This of course makes the band REO Speedwagon.  After Luttrell left Kevin Cronin took on frontman duties yet a conflict with Gary Richrath would end in Kevin leaving the band in 1976. Eventually tempers cooled and Kevin decided to rejoin the band even though it meant moving from Chicago to L.A. the band new home base. Kevin tells:

On that trip, I had lots of time to think about all the changes in my life, and how I was (quite literally) rolling with them.

The rest is Rock and Roll History. Here is Kevin and the band with tonight's featured song.

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