Tonight’s mystery artist was caught smoking pot in high school with an odd outcome that mom and dad decide the cool thing was to try it together as a family one night a dinner.  Any guesses whose parents were so progressive??

This uncomfortable experience was found in Rolling Stone as described by Ann Wilson of Heart.  Ann says that she was a junior in High School when her parents got wise to the fact that both girls were habitually smoking pot.  In a bold move Ann and Nancy’s parents decided the whole family needed to experiment after dinner one evening by all getting stones together. Embarrassed Ann recalls:

"It wasn't the best pot, but I wasn't about to share my connection with my parents."

There is a reason that nothing rhymes with a family that gets stoned together gets...umm, see what I mean. Here is tonight's featured song. Someone should have told Ann to lose the hat.  Other than that, Nancy is such an amazing guitar player you'll be in awe.

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