Tonight’s mystery artist’s first album was released on the same day as Bruce Springsteen’s first album. Unfortunately the record company representing them both was more interested in promoting Bruce. Think you know the other band or their album??

Safe to say the day itself, January 5, 1973, will go down in Rock and Roll history. That was the day Bruce Springsteen released his debut offering, Greetings From Ashbury Park, New Jersey. The band who unwittingly took him on? That would be Aerosmith who also released their self-titled debut on that day. Both artists at the time were represented by Columbia Records.  For whatever reason, Columbia saw more promise in Bruce and promoted his album aggressively while Aerosmith languished in the background.  Turned out that neither of the groups would have impressive sales results from their first efforts. Still, as uproxx reports things turned out just fine for both camps.


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