Tonight’s mystery artist‘s band had broken up when a mega fan by the name of Jason Bonham convinced him to put the band back together again. Can you guess who the artist or band might be??

This story came from Ultimate Classic Rock in an interview with Mick Jones of Foreigner. After Lou Gramm left the band struggled and ended.  Then when Lou started a solo tour Mick had pretty much let it all go.

Enter the man he’d known since he was a kid Jason Bonham.  Mick says it started with a jam session with Jason:

“The three of us were down there jamming and it just sounded really cool and really strong. Gradually, I sort of got talked back into it in a way and I thought, 'Well, this is a challenge.'” Then fate stepped in, “ Kelly popped up from under a rock in LA and came down. Within 10 days time, we did the first show, in Santa Barbara, I think it was and basically within a few months, we were out on tour."

Mick says the new band was so different than the original crew in that the younger members had so much love for the music and were so overjoyed to be performing it. He told UCR that it was a great atmosphere and he enjoyed it more than he had for many years.

Here thay are with tonight's featured song.