Tonight’s mystery artist‘s had several non-album hit for the soul reason that the album they were written for was scrapped.  Think you know the songs or the band that had second thoughts??

Story tells that the song was actually considered for two albums that never wound up being finished.   The two album being Lifehouse and then Rock is Dead- Long Live Rock both albums cancelled by the Who. According to Roger Daltry

“I remember when Pete came up with "Join Together". He literally wrote it the night before we recorded it. I quite like it as a single, it's got a good energy to it. But at the time I was still very doubtful about bringing in the synthesizer. I felt that, with a lot of songs, we'd end up spending so much time creating these piddly one-note noises that it would've been better just doing it on guitar. I mean, I'm a guitar man. I love the guitar; to me it's the perfect rock instrument. I don't think Pete did much with those sequencing things that he couldn't have done on his guitar anyway.”

And although the albums never were the single did fairly well reaching # 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The song would finally see its way to an album on several Who compilation albums.

Tonight's featured song.