Tonight’s mystery artist announced his departure from the band by pouring a beer over the head of a bandmate.  Think you know who he is or the band he left??

The infamous beer was poured over the head of Glenn Frye by original Eagles band member Bernie Leadon back in 1975  to punctuate his quitting the band. And although speculation for his leaving surrounded his devotion to country leanings what Bernie says was it was more for his mental health. According to Wikipedia,

After leaving Bernie would cite a need to get healthy and break the vicious cycle of touring, recording and heavy drug use that was rampant within the band.

Regardless, of why he left we have a lot to be thankful for Bernie being part of the Eagles. It was with Bernie's urging the band to hired his friend Don Felder. Bernie  also co-wrote many Eagles classics like ‘Take it Easy’ , ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ and Witchy Woman’. Eventually Bernie was replaced by Poco guitarist, hard partying Joe Walsh.

Let's climb into the time capsule for tonight's featured song.

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