Tonight’s mystery artist when asked to pick a highlight from their recent tour he cited playing in their home town and meeting Joan Jett. Think you know who he might be, his band or home town??

We’ll start with the tour called ‘Hyperspace Tour’ last year with the band Boston.  Each member was asked on their site to give a single highlight from the tour.  You’d be surprised how many of them told of getting to play with their favorite bands like Joan Jett and Blue Oyster Cult. But it was Jeff Neal who joined the band in 2002 that said playing the Boston Garden was like a Homecoming and it was “Way up there as a life experience.” He also added that losing his dad that Spring created special meanings for some of the songs they’d play, his words:

Lastly, in the wake of losing my father this spring, this tour- and many of the songs and their respective meanings (i.e. what it means “to be a man”, what really is important in life, not looking back and looking forward and time marching on….) struck a very emotionally chord in me.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to play these songs countless times over the years- but this year- I felt like I really needed to live them …


Tonight's featured song, a little shakes but a really good live performance.