Tonight’s mystery artist’s first live TV performance on the show called 'Fridays' got preempted by the release of the Iran hostages. Think you know who they are??

I found this story in Rolling Stone as Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon joked with them about the event.

The nerve of those hostages. I mean, who do those guys think they are, anyway? Some kind of heroes or something? Here we are doing our first live TV show, and they have to be released from Iran, so our show is delayed. Can you imagine that?"

A half an hour late they did finally get to play. Kevin said the other thing he was nervous about was the announcer saying their name right. Which was a warranted fear during since reversal the guy called them Reo Speedwagon so they corrected him only to have him call them REO Speedway during the live show.

Tonight's featured song.


In case you don't remember Fridays.