Tonight’s mystery artist’s biggest US hit song was actually recorded over two continents during the late 60’s. Can you guess the song or the band??

Aptly titled the song is The Who’s "I Can See for Miles" penned by Pete Townsend.  Wikipedia sites that it was the only song released as a single from their 'The Who Sell Out' Album. As for its international beginnings the story goes that it was recorded in several separate sessions in studios across two continents, The backing tracks being recorded in London, the vocals and overdubbing were performed in New York, and then the album was mastered in Los Angeles. But it didn’t stop there the initial UK mono pressing was done at Track Records while Decca produced the US single where they overdubbed second bass line mixed upfront, whilst the drums are mixed slightly lower.

Surprisingly although considered a hit song making it into the top 10 in both the US and UK Pete Townsend had expected it to go all the way to number 1. The referred to it as his supposed "ace in the hole" and when it didn’t go that far he was quoted as saying:

"To me it was the ultimate Who record, yet it didn't sell. I spat on the British record buyer."

Here they are with tonight's featured song.