Tonight’s mystery artist wanted to be a guitar player when he was young but his parents couldn’t afford lessons however they knew an old wedding drummer who was willing to teach him to drum, so drums it was.  Can you guess who this is or the band you know him best with??

This story came from and interview with Modern Drummer and Cars drummer David Robinson.  David goes on to tell them that as a kid he was so keen to be in a band that he’d have played anything they could find someone to teach him to play. Lucky for the Cars it was the drums.  And the old wedding teacher’s teaching style according to David?

"Well, the way this man taught me to play drums was to insist that I play along with records at home. The only records I could find, in which I could hear the drums clearly, pick out what the drummer was playing, and pick out different beats, were records from my parents’ record collection."

And here he is drumming along to tonight’s featured song.