Tonight’s mystery artist was inspired to write one of his biggest hits by the movie American Graffiti.  Can you guess the song or the artist??

As you might imagine the focus of the song was a young couple’s first romantic encounter in the back of a car. The song is ‘Night Moves’ and along with the inspirations from the movie composer Bob Seger told iHeart that is was also somewhat autobiographical. He added that he did take some artistic license and that some of its references are more about the freedom and possibility of the high school years.

Another funny fact that came from the interview was how bothered he has always felt about the line from his song ‘Against The Wind’, “Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” He says it sounds “grammatically funny.”

Good news Bob, we love them all.  Here he is with tonight's featured song.

And his inspired work.


And the movie that inspired a young Bob.