Tonight’s mystery artist had a hit song kept out of the number one Billboard position by Barbara Streisand’s song ‘Evergreen’ from her movie ‘A Star is Born’ back in 1977. Think you know who got the shaft by Babs??

To be fair I have seen artists held out of the top spot by less famous and talented individuals than Barbra Streisand.  In this case the timing was just a little off for Steve Miller Band and his song ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ Although he still did fine and dandy with it.  The song from the album of the same name went on to sell over a million copies and would also be covered by multiple acts which one can only assume also gives a payout.  Nicely done Steve.

And here he is with tonight's features song. Which must have been done at Christmastime because the video starts out with 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' done on electric guitar by a Steve that looks about 20.  Too cool.

The movie that boosted her to the top.

And for those who appreciate the song.

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