Tonight’s mystery artist’s first big hit was a song that they originally considered a throw away song.  Think you know who they are or the song they could take or leave??

The song was written in Paris inspired by a prostitute and a Cyrano DeBergerac poster in the hotel foyer.  At least that is the story of Sting who wrote the song back in 1977.  According, to Sting’s autobiography:

"We went into Surrey Sound Studios and it was working pretty well. We recorded a few tracks, one of which I wrote more or less as a throwaway. That was 'Roxanne' and we were a bit embarrassed because the song was a bit of an anachronism, because compared with our usual material it was slow, quiet and melodic."

Sting A Visual Documentary

Far from that though the producer loved it and the story is that is is the song that got them their first record contract with A&M Records.

Here they are with tonight's featured song.