Tonight’s mystery artist’s wife had a drug addict threaten to stab her with a syringe.  Can you imagine who this is or how she ever got into that situation??

Well let’s start with the how she got there.  In the UK there is a reality TV show called ‘Famous and Fighting Crime’ in which Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster has taken a role. According to Entertainment Daily UK the participants joined forces with the Cambridgeshire Constabulary. This particular force is considered by many to be one of the busiest and deal with the rowdiest elements in the area. While filming the four-part series Penny and her special officer decided to split up and go after different suspects.  That is when she was confronted by a woman who was under the influence of an unknown substance.  In Penny’s words” she was acting like a rabid animal”. In the end she called for help and was assisted by her officer.  She added that although she was comfortable with the steps she took to control the situation she couldn’t stop thinking about Rod and the children and how she probably shouldn’t be part of such a dangerous situation. Penny is 47 and her and Rod's youngest child is 7 years old so fro the record we heartily agree.

Here is Rod  and former band mate Ronnie Wood with tonight's featured song.