Tonight’s mystery artist’s were known in the early days for putting on an incredible live show that included a full sized spaceship on stage.  Think you know who this was??

Now when you think of spaceships it's the band Boston that jumps to my mind but they were not the first band to have the idea. This marketing shtick was one of the unique things offered up by the band ELO.   Other things according to the Thought Co. were that they merged classical, rock and pop in a seamless way that is completely unique to them, Jeff Lynne’s writing skills are almost unbeatable and then there was that full scale spaceship. The ship is carried to every show on a half a dozen semi tractor trailers and then constructed by 54 workers over the course of 16 hours. They tell us the cost to create the thing was  $300,000 given ELO one most extravagant show of its era.  Page down to see the ship back in the day. They were and are once again a really cool band.

Here they are with tonight's featured song.


Here is the ship.