Tonight’s mystery artists made up a character in one of their hit songs that many years later in 2003 previous Guns and Roses drummer Steven Adler would name his new band after that character.  Think you know what is was??

Let’s start with the song, Aerosmith’s ‘Back in the Saddle’ According to song facts the prostitute in the song was named Sukie Jones. She was not based on anyone real just a made up person by Steven Tyler.  Turns out that Steve Adler who was the original drummer for Guns and Roses liked the song so much in 2003 he named his band Sukie Jones.  The name didn’t stick though in later years he would change the bands name to Adler's Appetite.

Here comes Sukie now in tonight's featured song.

Incase you're curious here is the band Sukie Jones.

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