Cori: Everybody's got their favorite; that song that you crank as you drive down the road with your top down or your windows open. They're the tunes we bang our heads to, pump our fists to, sing along to--no matter who else may be listening or watching as we do it.

As the weather starts to heat up, and folks take to the roads to get to their favorite watering hole or shady spot, we thought we'd take suggestions for the best "Top Down Tunes!"

My personal list includes Low Rider, Free Ride and Bohemian Rhapsody (always a must, thanks to Wayne's World" to name a few.

JStew: I'm a lame-o that likes to roll the windows down. I have an unreasonable fear of bird pooping on my big, bald head that keeps me from ever wanting a convertible. But I do wholeheartedly support the idea of cranking tunes while you drive. Sometimes, it's the only antidote for a bad day.

You had some thoughts on the matter, and we got quite the list from your suggestions! Let's also watch a couple of the videos too! Especially since if you turned on MTV right now, it'd probably just be some dumb reality show anyway.

Dennis Bean "Firehouse" by kiss...while im out on my convertable
April Robshaw Girls Girls Girls, Life in the Fast Lane, Everybody Wants You, Sharp Dressed Man
Don't Stop Believing, Summer of 69, Schools out For Summer
Mary Klein Drouin Hotel California.." cool wind in my hair."
Wendy O'Roak Anderson Boys of Summer
Justin Choiniere I can’t drive 55
Nancy Neu Mama I am coming home
Troy Grass Hot in the City
Shari Giffard Keefe Back in black!
Sharon Buck Highway to Hell
Phil Robertson Born to be wild
Craig Florey lol! "Turn the Page" at night. "Mustang Sally" during the day.
Melissa Avery Burns  there's always something "roll down the window and sing at the top of your lungs" worthy with Pour Some Sugar On Me.....
Kevin CrowleyLowrider for the win!!
Zachary Robbins Foghat- Slow Ride. No contest.
Amanda E. Gleason "With or Without You" by U2 at the highest tolerable volume. 
Aaron Hart Possibly Panama - but I'm drunk.


Abel Gleason Runnin Down A Dream





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