It's Throw Back Thursday, and it's all about the lies! We want to know what's a lie your parents told you when you were a kid that you didn't find out the truth about till you were much older?!
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Like "Sure that's Buster!" said your parents when you asked why your dog looked a little different. And then you find out later that in fact Buster got into your mom's stash of chocolate candies and went to be with Jesus-and they got some look-alike to replace him!

JStew: Probably the greatest lie my mom ever told was when I got my first drum set for Christmas when I was a kid. She had me convinved she bought my sister some kind of floor to ceiling plant stand for my sister's dorm room. But needed to hide it in my room to set it up on Christmas Eve. She even went so far as to close the curtain in my room so I couldn't see it from the outside, and wrapped the door in wrapping paper so I couldn't get a peek. She knew I'd want to see this monstrosity that had been hiding in my room all day. Needless to say, I had no clue being a gullible 12 year old. 100% fooled.

Cori: The only thing I really remember my mom saying, over and over again, when I was a kid (and it turned out not to be true-at least in my case) was "Eat less, move more and you'll lose weight!" Now, in all fairness to her, she was a ballet dancer/teacher, so in her mind, that was a successful protocol that had worked in her own experience. For me....not so much. Now, as a mom myself, I laugh because I eat way less than I ever did (mostly the crusts and left-overs of whatever my kids don't finish) and move all the time--maybe not in an athletic way, but have you ever cleaned a house 4 kids have trashed while simultaneously trying to prevent them from messing up what you just fixed. I mean, I'll never be a Ninja Warrior, but I feel like I'm in training for it every day! The sheer fact that people's genetics, metabolism and hormones (not to mention stress levels and sleep--or in my case, the lack-there-of) have a lot more to do with someone's weight than how much they eat and move may have not been as well studied back in the day, but I have found that to be one of the only real "lies" my mom ever passed along.

Naturally, listeners had some real whiz-bangers here, so let's check them out....

Hunter Tracy They told me if I work hard and with dedication I can be anything I want. What a crock!!
Wendy Clewley My dad used to have his buddies over & smoke weed,When I would walk into the room they would quickly hide it under the table like nothing.Also a room with seeds & plants & Im like what are these seeds dad,At 10 I was smart enough to know he had a operation goin lol.
Megan Bridges My parents told me that you weren't supposed to put teeth under your pillow for the tooth fairy. They told me the tooth fairy would only come if you put the tooth in a shot glass on your dresser. Seemed legit...
Bob Hatch My mother told me that dragonflies were "darning needles" and, if you said bad words, they would sew up your mouth.
Paul Keezer My parents lied to us kids by purposely leaving a box of chocolates out but they knew it was chocolate covered insects....yes...back in the day you could actualy get Chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers...they laughed and I believe I cried...
Sarah Diecidue Go to college get a good job..... End up with so much debt you'll be paying on it till you die. .... Then your kids can pay .......
Dennis Bean To...WORK HARD before PLAY...YOULL BE THANKFUL COME DAY OF PAY!!! um...hello....i cant help but notice the "pay"..the "PLAYERS" OF SPORTS ARE MAKING.....
Roxane Esposito When I was a teenager my parent told me that if I wore short skirts in the winter I would get an "under cold."
I still chuckle about that when it comes to mind.
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