JStew still all by my lonesome this week..... Yesterday on Facebook, I asked what you were looking forward to the most when this whole COVID debacle was over. There were some obvious answers, and some great ones too.

Hands down, the thing I look forward too is hugging my mom. Since March, I've hugged my mom one time, and that when my Dad passed away in August. Other than that, it's been a lot of virtual high-fives, virtual hugs, and a lot of complaining from both of us, that we can't wait til the whole thing is over.

I will then begin hugging the rest of my family immediately following. Then I will begin hugging strangers on the street just because it's simply safe to do so. Even though I may run the risk of being punched in the face, if you see me coming, know that you're in for a Scottish bear hug from this guy.

So, what are YOU looking forward to the most? Let's take a look.....

Furrøw Wøød I am Gonna Start Drinking, Listen To I-95, then Im Gonna Drink Some More.
Cheryl McManus Concerts on the waterfront! Oh and not wearing a damn mask
Shawnna Farley Concerts and conventions
Jen Megquier Being able to go out to eat, hug my friends and family.
Larry DeWitt being able to play music again.
Marissa Rae Grindle I think it’s bold to assume that will be over in 2021
Wendy Clewley Concerts & to be able to see other smiling faces. Also hugs really bad!!I havent been able to hug my mom in over a year.
Bob Hatch Being able to play music in a live venue again. (With a band you used to play in, JStew, Right Out Straight)
Eric Wojtowicz Never ever hearing the words social distancing again.
Darlene Moore Hearing “new normal “
Megan Bridges Or "out of an abundance of caution".
Holly Michelle The first person that mentions the word social distancing, masks, or Covid, is getting slugged.
Nobelee Belanger Concerts, Going out to LIVE MUSIC!! HUGS!!!
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