JStew and Cori here... we wanted know if you've ever had anything frightening/paranormal/spooky happen to you? Give us your best "real" scary story.

JStew: I remember one time out to camp, it was Father's Day a year or two after my grandfather died. We were all sitting on the porch, talking about my grandfather when we heard a loud crash in the kitchen. A metal bowl fell off the top of the fridge where we kept them. the strange part was, I went to go put it back and I realized it was the bowl from the bottom of the stack that had fallen to the floor. Physically impossible, yet there I was with all the proof in my hand that something truly weird had just happened. I'll never forget that day, ever.

Cori: I've had a couple of strange things that have happened taken place in my house. On two separate occasions, both times with other people, I've heard either the front door or the back door open, close and then the sound of footsteps on the wood floor. The first one happened when the babysitter and I were sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of coffee. We heard the front door open (the sound it pretty distinct because of the weather stripping on the door) and then the footsteps. We looked at each other perplexed because everyone usually uses the garage door to come into the house. We jokingly called out to whomever it was, then got up to check and there was no one. The front door was closed and locked on the inside. A few years later, I was in the back of the house, and my kids were watching TV in the living room. We all heard the door from the garage open, and yelled our hellos (because we thought it was my dad coming for a visit.) When no one answered us, we all came to the kitchen to see who it was. The lights flickered for a few seconds, which scared the crap out of us, and again, the door was shut and locked from the inside.

DJ Fred: One night after sharing an intimate moment with my girlfriend up by the old Sorrento ballfield I got out of the van to go winky tink.  While standing there in the thick fog in the middle of pretty much nowhere someone or something whispered hello into my ear.  I looked around for a moment or two and there was definitely no one there.  I jumped back into that van and couldn't get out of there quick enough.

Paul Wolfe:

When I moved to Bangor in 2008, I lived in a tiny apartment on Broadway. I would later discover through research the building was once a large mansion, which was later divided into apartments. Though it was a micro-apartment, it featured high ceilings with crown molding, a marble fireplace, and an old chandelier. It wasn't long before I noticed strange occurrences in my new home.

It started with occasionally finding a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen open, or finding lights on when they off when I left for class. It would escalate quickly as a spirit would start doing these actions in front of my eyes. After a few years of dealing with the haunting, I saw her.

One night, I saw a strange reflection in the glass doors at the end of a hallway. I turned to see a woman standing in the door of my bathroom. I blinked a few times, sure that I was not seeing what I was seeing. She turned away from me, and walked into the dark room. Like every idiot in a horror movie, I went to investigate, and found no one there.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

Another night, a lady friend and I had turned the lights out for bedtime. While dozing off we both were awakened by a bright light that shot from the floor to the ceiling. I flipped the light on and snapped a picture with my phone where I saw the light anomaly. Above is what I captured. The camera resolution is awful, I know. We grouped the photo zooming in on what looks like a white mist. The top image is the original, zooming in closer in the bottom two. The image was taken without flash, and hasn't been altered in any way.

The final straw would happen a few years later. It started feeling normal living in a haunted house. I got used to the activity, and starting gaining interest in paranormal research. However, this event was too much for me to handle at the time. I woke after my bed violently shook. As I opened my eyes, there stood the woman I saw years prior. She wore a white dress, and was humming a soft tune. Her humming morphed to a screeching, as she dissolved into thin air.

I moved out the following week.

Your stories were no less spooky. So take a look at these... IF YOU DARE!!!! (insert evil laugh here, please)


Melody Blake Not a creepy story, but a creepy picture. I took this a few years ago at Fort Knox. You can see two figures-a man and a woman-standing on the stairs. But even weirder than that, if you look in front of the figures, in the light coming in the window, appears to be a large face-The face of a woman from the eyes down. We had walked right through there.
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California Transplant: Hide-and-go-seek boo!

Kari Jo Davis As clear as day, a cousin of mine who'd just recently passed, suddenly came to me while I was "asleep" she stood in front of me in a flowing cloth, palest blue, she motioned for me to come to her. I can still remember feeling cold. I wasn't afraid of her, she seemed very calm and content, but, I knew I shouldn't follow her, somehow, I just knew. I woke up suddenly, a little freaked out as I was in science class... this was back in 86,I remember it like it was last night.


Greg Miller I grew up on a farm in Hampden. Our main source of heat was an old wood stove. I was getting ready to go out and had stoked the fire but I left the damper and the flue open. I realized this when i got to the end of the road and turned around. When I got back to the house to shut the damper and flue, they were both shut and my grandfather was standing in the doorway between our living room where the stove was and my grandparents living room. ... he had passed away 4 years prior.


 Justin Choiniere How about one time, at 2 am, while sleeping in the loft of the house, the TV comes on in the living room. I shut it off, return to bed. While drifting off to sleep, my door flies open, room gets super cold, and an unseen hand slaps the pillow next to my head. Was close enough to feel the wind, like a hand going by my face. Needless to say, I freaked!
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