JStew & Cori here on Throwback Thursday... We want to know: If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

JStew: I'm sure I could make a list a mile long about things I would tell myself, given the opportunity. But if I had to pick one right now, I would've encouraged myself to get into radio long before I did. I never made the connection til later, about how useful a career  in radio in my younger days could've helped my music career, which was my main focus in my younger years. There are so many connections I could've made, and maybe had a better foot in the door, but everything happens for a reason, and here I am. Trust me... I am not complaining one bit at this point.

Cori: I would have to say that the biggest piece of advice I'd give my younger self is to stop being so self-conscious and let go a bit. I realize that my insecurity and fear of being judged kept me from doing a lot of cool things when I was younger. I've realized this in adulthood, and care WAY less about what people think. But growing up, and always being the new kid, I was insecure.

We grabbed all of your answers from the I-95 Facebook page and from calls this morning, and shared them. Maybe there's advice in here that you could use right now? Just sayin'....

DJ Fred Not to get into radio
Terri Beers Hutchinson Don’t start smoking 🚬! Quit in ‘03 but still have slight form of COPD 😶
Sandra Lyn Sometimes being single is just the way to be!!
Wendy Clewley You will get through this & then one day you will see a therapist.
Sue Simard-Poliquin Always brush your teeth at least twice a day
Jen Megquier Go to school and become a Doctor
Cathy Prescott Go to college and follow your dreams
Anna Rae Dumond Think before you act.
Dennis Bean Geesh...tough one. I may have to remain quiet on this one.
Hunter Tracy Stay away from the brown acid.
Alton Morrill Like the sand in the hourglass so are the days of our lives
Cheryl McManus Don’t get married because of being pressured
Kristi Carney Life is not a contest. Don't compare yourself with where others are at, milestones are met when they are meant to be.
Alton Morrill Go for your goals and never give up. Go somewhere warm
Greg Miller Buy Microsoft and apple stock.
Rob Irwin When a certain girl ( older then me ) asks to be her escort for homecoming say yes.... It may have been better for my social ( or lack of ) life.... FYI the girl was a good friend of my sister and also worked for my parents, for a couple of years at the ice cream place they (my parents) ran and owned.
Aisling Doucette It worth the struggle and don’t stress it will all be ok.
Julia Crowley Go to college, and stop partying,lol
Paul Keezer Try and only have one girlfriend at a time.....
James Naaykens Jr Spend more time with my parents and grandparents
Doug Springer Stay away from credit cards! Cash and carry!
Jim Murphy Practice, practice, practice. In the future, J Stew gets all the gigs.
Shane Sawtelle Everything listed here so far.
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