Over this cold and damp weekend, we wanted to know... If you could sit and have a coffee chat with anyone from history, like a former president, a 50's movie star, or even a family member who's passed.... Who would it be?

JStew: Man... what a tough choice. I have a few answers perhaps. 1) My Grandfather. He helped raise me, and I never feel like I got to properly thank him for doing that. 2) My Dad, who just passed away this summer. It's still so fresh for me that everyday, I wish I could talk to him just one more time. And then maybe, just to lighten it up a smidge, I'd love to chat with comedian Mitch Hedberg. He's one of my favorite comedians of all time, and it would be fun to have my own private show over coffee, god rest his soul.

Cori: I think I would probably like to have a cup of coffee with myself. Let me explain. I would love to go back in time and have a chat with myself, when I was about 20. I'd love to share some of the knowledge that I have now, some of the lessons I've learned in order better prepare myself for what's to come.

The idea is really awesome. There could be so many choices. Let's look at yours!

Kari Jo Davis So many come to mind, I can't narrow it down. My maternal grandfather, however, I'd have a coffee, he'd have hot water, he'd say this hot water will cure whatever ailes ya. Elvis tho..hmmm.
Paul Keezer Mother Theresa... She probably could sit me down and make me want to be a better person. The stories of humanity would probably bring me to tears....can't get more comfortable than that....
Hunter Tracy Sigmund Freud. He could figure out why I'm not comfortable.
Mary Klein Drouin Abraham Lincoln
Bob Hatch JFK, to get his opinion of today's world.
Sandra Lyn John Lennon for sure
Wendy Clewley Anthony Bourdain for sure because I always loved everything he talked about from being a foodie to the wonderful people that moved him from around the world. Its hard to believe that a person like him was suffering inside so I would want to have coffee with him to see what was in his head & just listen to his story. People that are suffering need to be heard.
John from Lagrange: JStew and Cori, because I'm having a cup of coffee listening to you guys right now. I'd also have to say my Grandfather. He's someone I miss dearly.
Greg Miller Definitely my grandfather.
Chico My granfather
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