JStew & Cori here... We're wondering... What's your Monday morning routine? Is it something specific every single day? Coffee first? Shower 2nd? Etc.
JStew: Sadly, or awesomely, I am a mega creature of habit. Maybe to the point of slight OCD. Out of bed, put the coffee on, have my morning constitutional, and then get cranking on articles for work. But for instance, in the shower, I have to wash and dry exactly the same way every day, or it throws off my entire routine. As though the Butterfly Effect is going to step in and cause chaos throughout the world because I put the wrong shoe on first. Luckily I'm not crazy, right? Right?!?!
Cori: Gotta find my slippers first. Then it's in to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth, and put some mascara and lip stick on --so I don't look like such a zombie. Then I find a sweater or a robe to bundle up with. I usually make my way from the bathroom to the kitchen--and I open the shades to all the windows along the way. I set the timer on my coffee maker the night before, so that's ready and waiting when I get into the kitchen. I grab coffee, come upstairs, check on my kiddos and then it's right into the Honeycomb Hideout home studio to FaceTime JStew and talk with you!
But, it sounds like we're not alone, so we decided we can all share our routines together. Check them out!
Wendy Clewley Up at 4am to let dog out then feed her & my 2 cats ,Fill bird feeder.Then coffee & music therapy from I-95.
Mary Klein Drouin I never work on Monday. I try to sleep in a little. Bring my son to school around 8.
Linda Memaw Boone Up at 2:30 am, coffee and FB. Shower, dress, fix lunch. Work at 4 am turn on I-95 to listen to JStew & Cori!
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick 6am - roll out of bed. Shower, feed cats, brew coffee, get dressed, get in car and drive to work by 645 listening to JStew and Cori.
Becky Sutherland Usually the same as everyday, get up get mums meds and her coffee and make breakfast
Cheryl McManus Up by 4-4:30, coffee, check Facebook, aggravate a couple friends via text, shower and then start my day
Sunshine Slippers, robe then I muddle around the house drinking my ice-tea and getting my clothes and stuff ready for work.
Man On The Road I get up at 6, use facilities and let the animals out, then get in my car and drive 55 miles to drop someone off at work, and then I drive 55 miles to go pick him up.
Richard I used to be able to get up at 4:30 in the morning and be to work at 5. Now it takes me just half an hour to sit on the side of my bed and wonder how I'm gonna do this!
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