Of all the places that closed during 2020, most of them because of the pandemic, I think one of the places I miss the most is Nicky's.

One year ago today, Classic Cars packed the diner's parking lot for one final Cruisin, before the restaurant closed it's doors for good. I remember walking around, almost in disbelief, that this legendary place, that had occupied a spot on Union Street for decades, would no longer be open.

Nicky's Final Cruisin; Cori Skall

As one of many who grew up in Bangor, and had many fond memories of time at Nicky's, I know I wasn't alone in feeling that it was the end of an era. In fact, I know I wasn't, because of how many folks showed up to say one final goodbye to this beloved Bangor haunt.

Two months later, in August of 2020, the building would be leveled.

Nicky's Comes Down, Cori Skall

These days, it's nothing more than an open, paved lot.

It's strange for locals to drive by and see how bare the space is, which once contained the hustle and bustle of classic cars, good-old-fashioned diner food and the neon glow of the big Nicky's Cruisin Diner sign.

But to those from away, they probably don't think anything of the void along Union St.

Nicky's Cruisin 2021

According to Ann Krieg, Planning Officer for the City of Bangor, there are no definitive plans for the space, at this time.

So for now, it will sit empty. Which kind of makes me sad.

Oh, what I wouldn't give, for one of those awesome Nicky's shakes right now. Guess I'll have to settle for the memory of one.

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