JStew & Cori checking in with you.

Cori: There's so much going on, we thought we'd give you a moment of relief from all the stress! Here's something fun to occupy your mind....it's the What's This Wednesday Clue! What do you think it is? (I'll tell you what...if I hadn't been the one to take this picture, I would have probably guessed what a lot of you guessed, that it was some sort of furniture tack.)

JStew: There's only one reason on Earth why I was able to figure out what this was pretty quickly. Because I own an identical item. so for me it was pretty simple. When I glanced at the guesses first thing this morning, I only saw two right ones, and honestly, I was a bit surprised. But they... it's just for the fun of it anyway. But the other answers were pure gold too, as always.

We never get tired of your answers. And really, the more off base they are, the funnier they are. Check 'em out down below...

Dennis Bean My missing T25 TORX BIT!!???
Brad Rice A cap to an axle on a wagon.
Nancy Neu It looks like a lock you pound in something to keep it tight together.
Rob Irwin A wheel cover from a desk chair.
Kristi Carney A rivet on a sheet of something stainless?
Donna Harleygirl Laing Metal thumbtack
Tyler Gilley Looks like a cap to a light fixture that holds the glass on
Kelly Gardner Drawer handle
Audrey Booker Biscuit cutter?
Andrew Smith Thumb screw that holds globes in light fixtures
Kelly Hunter Herbest The top of A decorative craft/quilting pin?
Nathan C-Andrick Center hub cap
Many of you were thinking the same thing...
Kari Jo Davis Upholstery nail?
Jamie Stebbins an upholstery tack?
Richard Meservey Furniture tack. Holds leather or clothe upholstery on furniture
Tracy Fleming An upholstery brad
Sue Simard-Poliquin Tack... for upholstery/ furniture
Roberta G. Thompson Upholstery tack.
Our favorite "completely off the wall" guess came courtesy, once again, of Paul...
Paul Keezer The imprint of 12 kangaroo tongues.....
And we were surprised that there weren't more folks, like Elaine and Chelsea, who figured it out...
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Swell water bottle cap
Chelsea Lyn Rancourt Top of a water canister thingy
Cori Skall
Cori Skall

All great guesses for sure. We'll see what crazy thing we come up with next week for What's This Wednesday!

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