Neil Young has announced a new album titled Before and After.

The 13-track LP will arrive on Dec. 8 and will feature solo acoustic re-recordings of songs from throughout Young's catalog. There's also one previously unreleased track, "If You Got Love."

You can see a complete track listing below.

"Songs from my life, recently recorded, create a music montage with no beginnings or endings," Young said in a statement posted to the album's preorder page.

Before and After is available in four formats: vinyl LP; clear vinyl LP (Limited Edition), Blu-Ray disc featuring Atmos mix, Binaural mix and Hi-Res 96/24 stereo and CD.

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"The feeling is captured, not in pieces, but as a whole piece — designed to be listened to that way," Young noted. "This music presentation defies shuffling, digital organization, separation. Only for listening. That says it all."

Neil Young Is Back on the Road ... Kind Of

Young recently broke his four-year touring hiatus. Over the summer, he embarked on a solo acoustic tour of the West Coast in which he performed songs he had never played live before.

"I don't want to come back and do the same songs again," Young said at the time [via Rolling Stone]. "I'll feel like I was on some sort of carnival ride. I'd rather be doing these other songs I haven't done. … I won't have to compare how I'm doing 'Heart of Gold' to [how I played it in] 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020."

So far, no further tour dates have been announced, and Young has emphasized that performing live in today's industry is strenuous for both artists and concertgoers.

“It's over. The old days are gone," he said in a message posted to his Neil Young Archives website. "Artists have to worry about ripped-off fans blaming them for Ticketmaster add-ons and scalpers."

Neil Young, 'Before and After' Track Listing
1. "I'm the Ocean"
2. "Homefires"
3. "Burned"
4. "On the Way Home"
5. "If You Got Love"
6. "A Dream That Can Last"
7. "Birds"
8. "My Heart"
9. "When I Hold You in My Arms"
10. "Mother Earth"
11. "Mr Soul"
12. "Comes a Time"
13. "Don't Forget Love"

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