There is a specific detail about Walmart employee name tags that you might have missed the last time you were in the store.

It's understandable. You has time to pay attention to detail when you're trying to unload your cart after waiting for what seems like forever in the checkout line.

Why Walmart Employees Wear Yellow Name Tags

Not all Walmart employee name tags are the same color. Those wearing yellow do so for a specific reason.

According to various Walmart employees, those who wear yellow name tags are under the age of 18.

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Here is one Walmart worker spilling the tea on the name tag color scheme along with some bonus tips about how store employees allegedly hide items they'd like to buy:

Somehow, I never even noticed until I watched this video. It's not like the yellow is subtle at all.

Why Does Walmart Make Employees Who Are Under 18 Wear Yellow Name Tags?

While there hasn't been any official word directly from Walmart, plenty of employees have come forward to discuss how the yellow name tags have come in handy.

One of those is when someone under 18 is working at the checkout. A customer who would like to purchase alcohol knows they should probably choose a different lane unless they're OK with waiting for someone to arrive who is over 21.

The yellow name tags have also been useful in helping protect employees.

Two other Walmart workers who are under 18 took to TikTok to discuss how they've had to pull out the yellow badges when approached by customers.

"When old men try to hit on us so we flash our yellow badges," the duo says in the video. Yikes.

What's On The Other Side Of Walmart's Name Tags?

Walmart's name tags carry other useful information in addition the the employee's name and color code.

The Sun reported Walmart employees can turnover their name tags to reveal a series of codes and color schemes that are announced over the store's PA system to alert them of specific situations. For example: A Code Red alert means there is a fire at the store.

Here is a full breakdown of what each of the color codes mean in the event of an emergency at Walmart:

Here's What Each Walmart Emergency Color Code Means

Some Walmart intercom codes involve the use of different colors. Each color is linked to a particular event or situation occurring in the store.

The significance of these color-coded alerts can range from relatively significant incidents to potentially critical, life-threatening situations. Understanding what these codes imply is crucial for Walmart employees. This understanding ensures they can promptly take required safety steps as and when necessary.

Hopefully, you'll never hear these codes announced at Walmart, but if you do, at least you'll know what they mean, and how you should act accordingly.

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