Hello, Mainers. Class is officially in session! Actually, there is not much we as Mainers need to learn, but there are certain terms that we have created that other states are clueless to understand...and it is hilarious when they try.

We have a very unique set of terms, words, and sayings that might pose a challenge for those not hailing from the state. Understanding a Mainer can be tricky, whether you're from outside of Maine or, truth be told, even if you've moved away from the state.

I will provide you with some of the words and phrases that stumped me and I have learned to love in the 20+ years I have been here.

Magnet.me via Unsplash/Canva Pro
Magnet.me via Unsplash/Canva Pro

Firstly, what in the world is a fiddlehead? I couldn't help but burst into laughter when my neighbor asked my mom if she wanted any.

Mom and I look at each other with an amused glance, and it felt like just yesterday when she responded, "What instrument are you selling?" The whole situation was hilarious.

After our lovely neighbor clarified that they were edible plants, we shared a good chuckle about it.

Fiddleheads are actually wicked popular here, bub, and many people enjoy collecting them on the side of the road before cooking and eating them. We're like the best scavengers here in Maine.

It's only natural to move onto "wicked" now, since I used it above.

This was one of the very first words I learned to say that just oozes of Maine culture. It sparks hilarious memories of my family returning to our home state of Pennsylvania after living in Maine for a while. We'd say something like, "That's wicked cool," leaving my cousins bewildered and asking, "What's wicked?" Even today, they tease me by overusing "wicked" in an attempt to tickle my funny bone.

Below is a collection of my top 25 favorite things that we as Mainers often find ourselves explaining to those who aren't part of our exclusive club of Mainerisms.

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