Here in Maine, you have to know how to have a good time year-round.

Especially in the colder months when your body and mind want to resort to the annual dull lull of seasonal depression. It can be hard to keep a smile on when the weather turns darker and colder.

Well, while I was perusing the FYP on TikTok the other night, I came across a video that I assumed just HAD to have been filmed in Maine. Turns out I was right. I mean, there is a first time for everything, right?

According to the original poster, @TheDownEastCowboy, the video-er was eating lunch earlier this week in the town of Eastport, Maine, when he noticed something a little strange.

What he saw was the sternman of the fishing vessel South Wind on the roof of the boat apparently dancing his heart out.

It was determined that the guy was on the roof making a TikTok video... Kind of funny how he ended up in a totally different TikTok video now didn't it?

If you missed the video, you're in luck, you can see it right here!

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