Living in Hampden now, isn't a lot different than when I grew up there.

Well, I suppose that's not entirely true. The high school I graduated from is now a bank/church combo building. The old Academy was turned into a community center when the new high school was finished. I've never felt really comfortable just walking into the community center for nostalgic purposes. I doubt it still resembles much of the way it was when I was there.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Back in the day, Shop & Save (Hannie's) was over where the Northern Light Health office is. The original post office is now a daycare center on Kennebec Road, across from what was Harmony Hall, and now the home of the Hampden Garden Club. Change happens, even in little towns. Sometimes it just takes a minute to notice how much.

The building where I got my first fishing license is now falling apart.

On the corner of Kennebec and Main Roads, 106 Main Road South to be exact, there was a building that took up the whole corner. One side of it was where Maurice the Barber used to give summer crew cuts to all the boys around town, and next to it was the Town Office. You used to go right in the front door that you can see in the photos, and do your town business.

Maurice's side was razed a while ago, as the whole structure had seen better days. It seemed all the work was being done by a small handful of folks, doing it on the side whenever they had time. There's currently a pretty sizable hole where the foundation was, and it looks like the rest of the building will eventually be torn down as well.

The property is up for sale right now...

Obviously, I've never been inside in years and years. It could be the bones of the building are fine and it needs some extensive rehab, but I'm assuming someone will likely purchase it and tear it down to make room for a newer, more sturdy building. Elisha Hardy from Berkshire Hathaway has it listed currently for $51,900.

The whole lot is almost a tenth of an acre, so there's plenty of room to rebuild on the spot with a new concept. Hampden is growing all the time and looking to attract new businesses to the area. Maybe this could be your chance?

Check out the photos, and let your imagination run wild...

Old Hampden Town Office For Sale

It's hard to believe it's been empty less than 30 years.

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