Maine drug agents continue to bust illegal marijuana growing operations, including the latest seizure of over 6,000 plants in Lincoln County.

Where Were the Illegal Grow Houses?

A series of raids in January by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office resulted in six arrests and the discovery of thousands of illegal marijuana plants. The investigation centered around illegal grow houses located in Whitefield, Chelsea, and Jefferson.

Who Was Arrested?

According to the Kennebec Journal, six people were arrested with illegal plants as part of this investigation:

  • Weihuan Liu, 41, Whitefield - 738 plants and 40 pounds of processed marijuana were seized.
  • Huan Ying, of Whitefield. Officials seized 27 pounds of processed marijuana was seized.
  • Zhen Zhong Chen, 45, Jefferson, 820 plants were seized.
  • Ming Da, 41, Chelsea, 900 plants.
  • Wan Ting Xiao, 50. and Ding Zhan Liao, Whitefield, 2,294 plants and 40 pounds of processed marijuana were seized.

Xiangming Yi, 61, is still at large and sought by police. He had 1,014 plants on this property in Whitefield.

Are These Illegal Operations Becoming a Problem in Maine?

Maine lawmakers have expressed concerns lately about what they believe there are potentially 270 suspected properties around the state, being run by Chinese nationals. Senator Susan Collins says she thinks the Justice Department is underestimating the scope of this problem.

We're not talking about a couple of plots owned by Chinese nationals here and there. It's widespread in our state.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate and is hoping to hear from anyone who has information about possible illegal operations in Maine. Anyone with information should contact Detective Ron Rollins at 207-882-7332 or email

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