Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre at 201 Waterville Rd. Is a single-screen drive-in movie theater that has been open since 1954. Do the math. Happy 59th year.

And a nice option to have, a drive-in theater, because they are pretty much gone all across the country. A rarity.  FYI, the other option for going to the movies in Skowhegan is the Strand Theatre, which opened in 1929.  Do that math.  Wow. Here's to 94 more years.

Google monthly searches all across America for ‘drive-in movies open near me’ has more than doubled recently.  As they disappear across the country, the interest in drive-in movie theaters is going up.

As of last summer, there were only just over 300 drive-in theatres left in the entire country.  Compared to the 1950s when there were over 4,000 of them.

And Maine has an entry in the Top 10 Best Drive-in Cinemas in the U.S.


Skowhegan Drive-in is tied for number 10 on the list from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. The way that was determined is a compilation of Google reviews, whether the drive-in was dog-friendly, ticket prices, and other factors.

Here is what the review says about Skowhegan Drive-In

Skowhegan Drive in Capture

So, if you are thinking of going this weekend, Both Friday and Saturday the show starts at dusk around 8:20 p.m. and on both nights this weekend the first movie is Barbie which will be followed by Meg 2: The Trench.


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