It was a day to remember!

Chances are you will never forget where you were yesterday afternoon when the total solar eclipse crossed North America. Parts of 15 U.S. states were within the path of totality, including us right here in Maine.

Houlton, Millinocket and Greenville were in the direct path of totality, and boy did people show up to get a look. Thousands of people descended on these eclipse hot spots, causing massive traffic jams stretching across the state.

Granted, if you have seen the videos or photos from those lucky to be in the direct path of totality, it was stunning to look at.

This is the first total solar eclipse to pass through North America in seven years, and the next one will not be seen from the U.S. until August 23rd, 2044, so yesterday was a special day, indeed.

Our friends at WABI-TV 5 did a fantastic job of blanketing the state to give some fantastic coverage, chatting with folks who made the trek from miles away to get a peek at history.

Obviously, if you were on social media yesterday, you noticed that just about everyone posted a picture, or told a story about their personal experience, or where they were, and what they saw.

The way the world is these days, there are fewer and fewer things that we can all enjoy and share together, so it was a day that people will remember for years to come.

TikTok was no exception, as people took some cool videos to share with everyone!

Photos of the April 8, 2024 Eclipse from Southwest Harbor

Thanks to Jonathan Hagerthy who took these photos from outside the Southwest Foodmart in Southwest Harbor!

Gallery Credit: Chris Popper

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