Remember this helpful hint...and be careful out there today!

Just a few short weeks after a storm that caused more power outages than the legendary "Ice Storm of 98" here are yet again, staring down the barrel of snow, rain, and pummeling winds. that could reach 70mph on the coast, and up to 60mph inland.

As always, the best course of action is to stay off the roads, unless you absolutely have to be out there, and that's the problem, many of us do have to be out there, so with that in mind, the folks at the Dover-Foxcroft Police Department, posted a really solid thought on the subject.

When you drive in rainy, foggy, or snowy conditions, don't rely on your automatic headlights during the daylight hours. They run on light sensors, then only turn on when light levels drop below set levels.

Remember, daylight driving lights do not activate your taillights on your car, so obviously this can create problems for the vehicles in back of you, which can create can big problems when visibility is a problem, so if you hop in the car today, turn em' on!

Also, with heavy rain, comes hydroplaning, which can be escalated when there is a huge amount of water on the road, and most importantly, how fast you're driving.

Hopefully, this will all be gone by dinnertime, when the wind will hit it's peak. Fingers crossed, we all escape with our power intact.

Be safe out on the roads today!

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