I love how Maine is being put on the map everywhere online lately. Even Dave Portnoy finally decided last summer/fall that he was finally going to do his first-ever pizza review in the city of Portland, which now that it think about it, maybe put our state out there. If you're reading this right now and didn't know Mr. Portnoy decided to cause havoc on our pizza scene, here's all his reviews from his visit to Maine and New Hampshire.

Back to business. Maine's beauty feels like it's being seen more now than ever. According to travel.usnews, Bar Harbor has landed the number one spot on their list of Best Small Towns to Visit in the US. Not number two (or 35), Bar Harbor took first place, which is impressive out of all 50 states.

Kennebunkport took #21 on this list, which is also honorable, and I completely agree with both of these choices. Both cities are an absolute gem to hang out in during the summertime due to their location on the ocean and cute little town vibes.

Bar Harbor was actually just ranked #17 on travel.usnews' other list of best vacation towns in 2024. Click here for full details on that. Anyways, I've got a feeling both cities are going to be extra packed this summer.

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