One of Maine's true gems is the town of Camden.

Located in the heart of Midcoast Maine, Camden is idyllic in every way. The village is loaded with mom-and-pop shops and restaurants. Beautiful old houses (many of them being bed and breakfasts) can be found across the town. The coastline is serene, especially with the number of sailboats in and around the bay. And Camden Hills State Park is right around the corner, featuring the iconic Mount Battie.

It's also the home of a restaurant that one national publication says is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to holiday dining.

The popular site financial and lifestyle site Finance Buzz recently published an article on the best restaurants for a Thanksgiving dinner. The places that make the bird shine and blow you away with flavors. The site's choice for Maine was the iconic Natalie's at Camden Harbour Inn.

Natalie's Camden Harbour Inn via Facebook
Natalie's at Camden Harbour Inn via Facebook

Natalie's is not just a spot for dinner. It's an experience. The fine dining restaurant wows its guests with world-class culinary creations and warm service. The menu is very Maine-forward, with plenty of local produce and proteins. Plus, there's an entire menu dedicated to lobster. Talk about a true Maine experience.

However, we aren't here to talk about those menus. We are here to talk turkey.

So, why was Natalie's the state's top spot for a turkey dinner? It' because they have a special Thanksgiving menu that is out of this world. The five-course meal will blow you away with innovative dishes that all connect to America's favorite meal.

Natalie's Camden Harbour Inn via Facebook
Natalie's at Camden Harbour Inn via Facebook

Here is a little preview of the menu from the folks at Finance Times.

With numerous courses, you can expect a crisp fall salad with apples and charred grapes, Maine lobster or duck breast, and, of course, roasted turkey with all of the fixings.

Of course, there's a lobster option. I mean, it is Maine.

Interested in trying Natalie's Thanksgiving meal? It's available for the price of $147 per person. You can even pair it with wine for an extra $93. Count me in...on both.

Congrats to Natalie's on this great publicity. It undoubtedly deserves the attention.

It's also made me extremely hungry for Thanksgiving. I just love this time of year.

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