Pizza is one of America's most beloved foods.  Pizza is loved so much it could be its own food group.

American pizza is not like pizza in Italy.  We Americans make it bigger, more extravagant, and more to our liking.

However, there's no question there are certain toppings which are preferred, especially here in New England.

According to, which uses Google search trends, the most popular topping in New Hampshire is pepperoni. This is no surprise, but Maine is partial to peppers, while folks in Massachusetts like pineapple.   Excuse me, pineapple?  Isn't that sacrilegious?

Pineapple is the second most googled pizza topping in America.  Who knew?

getulio-moraes- via
getulio-moraes- via

But it gets even more tricky, as reports a different take on the most popular pizza toppings in northern New England.  According to Eat This, Not That!, Granite Staters love cheese as the only topping on their pizza, and the same goes for Bay Staters.  Meanwhile, Mainers are particular to white pizza with grilled chicken, which means no red sauce.  Hmmm.

Meanwhile, looking at the most popular pizza toppings in the country, they don't really vary much.  According to, here's America's favorite pizza toppings.

#1 is pepperoni (just as you'd expect), while #2 is mushrooms, #3 is onions (kind of surprised at this being so high on list), #4 is sausage, and #5 is bacon, because everything is better with bacon on it.

While pineapple did make the top nine on the list, it's still a debate for pizza lovers everywhere.  To put pineapple on pizza or not, that is the question.

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